Tax Return Money
Wednesday, 29 January, 2014 | | Life | (0) Comments

I am still waiting for W-2 form so I can file my income tax return and see how much I am getting back from the IRS. Things I hope to do/get with my money:

1.) Fix the struts on my car: We are thinking this is why when I slow down from going 60mph to slower speeds that my entire front end feels real shakey.

2.) New Laptop: The one I have now is six years old and Dad will never listen to me on watching out for sites he goes onto so I don’t bother going on it and cleaning the hard drive. He can just have that piece of crap.

3.) New clothing: It’s nice to get new clothes every now and then. I need to rid of the things I don’t wear or fit into anymore (due mostly to washing and drying after a while and it shrinking slightly or my body weight shifting around and causing it to not fit).

4.) Save up to move to Hawaii: My goal is to be moving there to the islands by my 25th birthday next May. So I think a good year and a half is a nice goal to save up. I currently have $400 but I may need to use $50 from it before I get paid on the 7th February. I have been leaving myself with little money after bills, basic necessary items and groceries. This is how serious I am right now.

Now to see how much I am getting back exactly.

2014 Resolution?
Saturday, 11 January, 2014 | | Life | (0) Comments

Easy! Get back into blogging again! Its hard to blog from this WordPress app for Android. Dad has my laptop so slow that I just don’t care anymore since I got that laptop back in March 2008.

Once I am able to file my income tax return soon, if I have enough money left over (gonna pay some more on my personal loan and repair the front struts on my car first), I am going laptop shopping. Dad can have my old one whilst the new one would stay in my bedroom only for myself.

Other than that, I am starting to save $200 each pay check (I get paid biweekly) to move to Hawaii. $5200 from the first check of 2014 to the last check of 2014 if nothing sudden occurs where I have to use some of the money. I’m, hopefully, setting myself up for a move by my 25th birthday in May 2015. A year and a half to save what I need to. The funding to permanent paradise begins now!

Still here, just busy
Tuesday, 3 December, 2013 | | Random | (0) Comments

I’ve just been busy with work (I work at 3-4am) and just getting things done around the apartment because it’s the stupid holiday time now. I just haven’t been able to get into the season anymore. I think it’s the depression.

Oh! I did get a new tattoo two weeks ago!


Work overload and Hawaii
Monday, 9 September, 2013 | | Life | (1) Comment
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I just finished doing twelve bustling days of work straight. That is what happens when you cover for people who quit. Dumbasses. More money for me as I am to be flying back out to Hawaii next Thursday morning. This trip, I got a rental car because my aunt is way too busy to take me anywhere.

One thing I do not understand is how when I originally booked my rental car at the beginning of August, it was $165 a week before the “Under 25″ age fee. Today (and I did switch to it), it was $70-85 a week plus the fee. Where is the logic in that?

New Phone and WP app
Tuesday, 20 August, 2013 | | Life | (1) Comment
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I just picked up a new phone today. It’s the Samsung Galaxy Centura and it’s a pre-paid smartphone that runs on Android. While I was browsing apps in Google Play store there, I found the WordPress app (what my site runs off of) and realized I was able to set it up for my self-hosted WP =_=

So…now I have no excuse for not blogging! Just give me a day or two to get back into it, okay?

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