Cats and Clothes

5 July 2014| 3 Comments
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I have been taking turns with my brother’s friend watching my brother’s three cats this week while he went back to Michigan to visit.

HaileyThis is Hailey. She is the smallest of the three cats. She is now five years old. I know this cos my brother got her when she was only three weeks old right after I moved here to Wyoming five years ago. She doesn’t seem to want me to pet her and pick her up like she used to when she was little but she does love ice cubes in the kitty water bowl.

Jemma Jemma, we don’t know how old she is. She was a random cat wandering the neighbourhood at my brother’s previous place he was renting. She came in one day and never left. She likes to cuddle and loves to play. I think she had the cutest meow because it sounds different compared to most cats I been around.

ElijahElijah is about a year and a half now. My brother got this dork from a local Facebook group around Christmas time cos the previous owners could no longer keep him. He was about nine months at that time. I call him a dork cos he follows me around like a shadow and wants attention 24/7. He is as bad as a dog, even worse :3

Since my brother lives a two minute drive from the mall and I also had a bit of extra money, I decided to get a few new clothes. I normally get them from Wal-Mart, Ross (a store with a similar concept as TJMaxx/Marshall’s (TKMaxx in UK) but I find them much cheaper and carry more plus-size clothing for women without the name brand label) or local thrift shops  I managed to find affordable priced clothes at the mall!

Hello Kitty hatI am more of a bandanna type of girl cos I can wear them easily on days I don’t feel like doing anything with my hair. I saw this cute (and not the pre-school cute) grey Hello Kitty hat at Ross for $8. If you haven’t known before, I love leopard and cheetah prints so this suits me great. It’s by Loungefly and the original suggested retail price was $15. I wouldn’t pay $15 for a hat anyway. This is why I love Ross. I get so much from this store!

Deb jeans Since last August, my local Deb shop has been carrying plus-size clothing. It’s about time, too. I already own a few clothes from this store. These are a pair of skinny-legged jeans and black capris from their Reign line. They are size 18. The original tag was somewhere around $30-$35 but were marked down to $20 AND then were on a rack for an extra 50% off the clearance price. $10 a pair I paid for them. That’s my kind of price. $20-$25 on a pair of jeans is my highest and that’s not often I spend money on a pair like that.

Hot Topic shirts I normally don’t get many shorts from Hot Topic cos I never find any I like. Most of their guys shirts are of bands I don’t know of or cannot stand. Their girls tops only normally go to XL (I am XXL/2X). It was a shock to find the black and real skull tank top in 2X there. Also, I love the Assassin’s Creed series so when I found the grey tank top in guys Large, I snagged it. Their shirts were buy one (both were $20.50) get the second for $10 so I was happy. Now if more stores started to carry more cool plus-sized clothing, I wouldn’t be so sad about my body.

Starting Fresh

25 June 2014| 3 Comments
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After finding the muse (not just the short-term type either), I am back to blogging again! First of all, I decided to rid of all past posts. I didn’t have too many anyway. It’s good to start with a clean slate. It took me a while to relearn the basics of CSS/HTML type of coding because I forgot a lot of it. I also believe that I got most of what I want on my sidebar for the moment.

I will be in search of new blog exchange friends in the coming days and messing about with my extra pages (pages about me, entire list of links for blog rotations and network rotations and whatever the heck I can think of). Just please be a bit patient with me as I get things sorted out. It has taken me a lot of time to get some motivation to return here so I just need to take things one step at a time.